How to delete a project

Deleting a project

Deleting a project is an essential option to do. Time is passing by, and so are the project. Many of us have been changing projects, or maybe got tired of them. Therefore it’s necessary to have an option to delete the projects. With Easynote it’s really simple!

How do I delete a project?


1. Firstly, select the project that you want to removeDelte project selection

2. Then click on the “Manage” button, and a sub-menu will appear. Click on “Manage project” in the sub-menu.

Delete edit button

3. A new page has appeared. Now click on the button “Manage this todo list”.

Delete edit final button

4. A new page has occured with the options to change the project name, description, members, and lastly, the ability to remove the projekt.

Delete edit page

5. Click on the button “Delete todo list” on the top right corner.

6. Then click on the button “Yes, delete this todo”. Now the project is deleted.

Delete button

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