Add members in a project

Adding members in a project

To add members into a project is a fundamental thing to do. Since projects are constantly changing, it is necessary to have an option to be able to this. No problem. We have already figured it out, and it’s easy!

How do I add members in a project?

A login is required to be able to perform this action

1. Firstly, select the project that you want to add new members in.

Add members into chosen project


2. Then click on the button with the three dots next to the button “Create new task”.

Add members button


3. A new window will appear. Click on the button “Click here to add members”.

Add members button


4. A new window will appear. Select the project that the new members will be added into.

5. Then write the members email adress, and invite them to the project! Easy!

add members invite

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